Perfect Pixel Sprite - Free!

Moving sprites around your game world can cause visual artifacts even with the right camera setup. If you’ve noticed lines of pixels from adjacent tiles in your tileset flashing at the edges of your sprites, this component is for you.

Check it out for yourself in the demo video:

A drop-in solution!

Perfect Pixel Sprite works without you needing to modify your code or hook up references. As long as you’re using Unity’s standard 2D setup, you’re ready to go!

Demo Included

The demo I used to generate the video is included in the project so you can see how it works.


Pixel-perfect rendering also needs a camera that’s configured properly! Check out my Perfect Pixel Camera.

You need to take care in setting up your textures, too. See the “Pixel Perfect 2D” blog post for details. The TL;DR is: use point filtering, no mipmaps, turn off compression, power-of-2 sized textures only, and anchor sprites at corners.

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