Perfect Pixel Camera - Free!

If you’re making a game with graphics like Stardew Valley, doing the camera calibration to get rid of shimmer and marching can be a pain. Instead, just add this component to your camera to make it pixel-perfect!

Check out the video to learn more:

A drop-in solution

Perfect Pixel Camera works instantly without you needing to modify your code. It directly adjusts the projection matrix to line things up properly. The only setting you need to adjust is the number of pixels per world unit.

Demo Included

The demo I used to generate the video above is included in the project so you can see how it works.


Pixel-perfect rendering also requires care in setting up your objects and textures. See the “Pixel Perfect 2D” blog post for details.

The TL;DR is: use point filtering, no mipmaps, turn off compression, power-of-2 sized textures only, anchor sprites at corners, and position GameObjects only at multiples of 1/PixelsPerUnit.

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